Scott HerckisFollowing his five year stint working with legendary accounting firm Arthur Andersen, Scott Herckis worked hard to continue to raise his profile in the accounting and finance space. That is why he spent so much time working in the fashion and apparel industry as a controller, a Vice President of Finance, and finally a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Over the course of his long career, he has garnered plenty of knowledge and experience, which is a key reason Scott Herckis can help anyone make the best possible business decisions as a way to drive future growth.

These days, Scott Herckis has a keen understanding of the difficulties and challenges businesses face, and they know how to make the best of financial opportunities. He has demonstrated an ability to help any business, small or large, become the best it can be. He has worked hard make sure he was able to assist other businesses with their affairs, no matter how complicated. That high level of experience makes Scott Herckis and his firm, SJH Financial, unique among financial counselors. That makes him an important partner to have in business.