Prominent accounting firm SJH Financial works from a basic premise that its founder, Scott Herckis, believes in very deeply. He believes – no, he knows – that providing anyone with financial advice is worthless if the person receiving it has no idea what it means or how to use it. That is the primary reason why the firm only delivers its financial expertise when accompanies with a helping of sage wisdom.

The experts at SJH Financial, including Scott herckis, don’t just tell clients how to make money and what to do with it, they explain how and why their advice is the best for them. They will also them show their client how the advice fits into their business strategy. After all, it’s your business, not theirs. This is why anyone with a business who may be wanting to get their financial house in order, or even a business who would like to know about better budgeting and forecasting solutions, can benefit from the advice provided by Scott Herckis and SJH Financial. They have the skills and the knowledge to help you make decisions that can go a long way toward moving your business forward financially.